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posted 15 Mar 2010, 14:51 by Unknown user

Mike Smith and I went for a run today and we were on a mission - to seek out new paths, to boldy (or Tug, baldly!) go where no Hare has gone before - to infinity and beyond!

Ok, well not to infinity, but, as we will reveal on Saturday when we take the new route, to at least Sutton Road and on to Christian Malford!

So be there at the church at 9am as per usual as we launch the new route, named "the lucky horseshoe" by Mike and myself!

P.S. It' an ok route, even for the "turn right in/after the woods" hares! And it's flat - "say no to Rodbourne!"


Dave and Mike

P.P.S. JK, can we Google map it after we do it please?!