Night Trailing - ready for something a bit different?

Get your reflective stuff out and let's go!
As the nights draw in and some Hares throw another log on the fire, supping a glass of red as they sit and watch Songs of Praise and Antiques Roadshow, contemplating work on Monday...
some Hares are out there in the dark...
All you need is a torch, suitable clothing and potentially something flashy and LED like. Wrap up, as it's usually cold!
Come along and experience a totally different way to run, as we weave through our normal routes - only this time with the lights out!
Join Dave @ 5pm - Autumn and Winter Sundays - usual meeting place.
Darrel, Tug and Dave on the first night trail of the year!
Tug wishes he was infront of the telly instead...
Look what happened to my GPS watch when Tug and I stopped at The New Inn at Seagry - that was a night run to remember!
Darrell's top tips for Night Trailing
A new feature from Darrel, as he shares some top advice on runing in the dark...
symptom.  wet feet.
Cause. running in puddle.
symptom.  warm wet feet
cause. weak bladder
symptom. can't see #1.
cause. flat batteries.
symptom. can't see #2.
cause. fell over on face.

symptom.  front is warm and wet.
cause. ran into runner in-front.  repeat for rear.
symptom. foot hurts.
cause. trainer left in mud.
symptom.  shin hurts.
cause. tripped over dog.
symptom. knee hurts.
cause. ran into fence post.
symptom. head hurts.
cause. low branch.