Although most of us are far from being serious athletes there are some things we've used along the way that have proved their worth. This is the page to find out about them. Not a page I'd expect to find anything from Tug on, he's only just started using trainers and still swears barefoot is the way to go.

Garmin Forerunner 305 GPS and Heart Runner watch.
This is a lovely piece of kit. The maps on this site were created using one.
I got mine Amazon  before the new version came out and it was quite a bit cheaper, but they are still great value for money.
I'll add a bit more on it when I get time

Sportstracks Exercise Logbook Software
If you have a Forerunner or have a similar device then I'd thoroughly recommend ditching the standard software that comes with it and use Sportstacks. It's free and has a great range of plugins. 
The Plugins I've used are:
  • Training Load (screenshot from it below). Gives a great view of where you are with training. If you're like me and you don't know when to stop it tells you when you're about to get injured (see the two peaks in July and September below...)
  • FTP Upload (upload a session to a website)
  • Doubrou Extensions:- great set of Google Earth Plugins, plot heart rate on Google earth.
  • Unique Routes:- goes back through you log books and finds similar runs. Great for looking at how you're getting on
  • MyMOtionBased Uploader:- export sessions to Facebook