Rodbourne - the folklore!

We all love to hate the hill, but it is now an integral part of the Saturday morning - Sunday evening fun!
As JK will tell you, it's not as scary as some people make out! Check out his hills section and see for yourself!
Even the locals love the Benger Hares, as they have put these signs up for us!
It's the hill that all Hares fear on a Saturday morning!
With its own micro climate and seasons, this is Rodbourne...
Always a killer, even if you are feeling fit, the hill is often used on outings with first timers to the Hares to test them to the max!
It is also used as a stop off point in the winter months, in particular early in the New Year, as a place to test the local produce - also known as Sloe Whisky!
Whichever way you run it, it never fails to come up trumps - legs are never quite the same after a Rodbourne run...
Stories abound about the place and will be shared here in due course!
Those who dare to try the Rodbourne routes are advised to heed the following advice after completing them.