The Hare and Hounds...

Here's some info about the Hares! If your favourite Hare doesn't appear yet, don't panic, they will soon!

Tug "no Hare" Wilson -  the so-called Alpha Hare - our spiritual leader can always be found with his bouncy Jack Russell, Lucky, well, bouncing along I guess by his side!
John Keat - with his ever faithful black labrador Cody, who always feels the need to perform before we start (!) and the trusty GPS watch, John is a co-founder member of the warren!  
Simon Kingsley - the sometimes elusive, Fred the labrador owning, publicity machine, and early member of the Hares, Simon can be seen, well - elusively!
Hugh Watchman - once caught up with a run in his car! Hugh and his wee West Highland dog - wee - that's Scottish for small, not what it does a lot on the routes, are frequent Hares! 
Dave Wicks - the non-Benger Benger Hare and official dresser to the club, Dave Gok Wan Wicks can sometimes be heard to say "oh no, not Rodbourne again Tug!" and swear too!
Mike Smith - the recent new dad of the club, Mike has been experimenting lately with running in a sleep deprived state - he is now a natural at it!
Darrel Samanjoul - with an exotic sounding name, or just plain "Sam" to his mates, this gazelle like athlete makes running look so so easy! Does he ever sweat?!
Rob Coveney - the biking Benger Hare, Rob can be seen on two wheels following the pack, as he recovers from an injury - some say could have been beer related...!
Martin Broomfield - Martin never ceases to amaze the whole warren with his ability to leg it - and leg it fast, when the rest of us feel wrecked! It's all in the sloes me thinks!
Mike Strong - Strong by name, strong by nature, this man runs and runs and runs and well - runs I guess! Another early member of the Hares. He is a professional beer drinker, carries a set of 3 pro darts in his pin stripe suite ready for a swift pint and a game of darts when he passes a pub.  Last time he was running he said he felt rough after a night out in the Wellesley, but put it down to 'a dodgy pint'.
Andrew Livingstone - aka the Curtain Twitcher, Andrew has been known to hide behind his curtains on a Saturday morning so as not to glimpse the gathering near his place!
Rob Macklin - rumour has it that Rob carries his own sloe whisky supply in the Camelbak to prevent dehydration as he approaches Rodbourne! He does always seem to swerve a lot at the end of a Rodbourne run!
Mike Woodacre - Mike always seems to have a DIY job to finish on a Saturday morning so "has to do a short one!" but he doesn't fear the Rodbourne and is a full on Hare! Good bloke as he owns a Mini...
Steve Cadbury - aka 'Pyro Steve' due to his 'hobby' of blowing up things every Guy Fawkes night. Another 2 wheel lover if the truth be known, but this new comer has given in to Tug several times and run with the rest of the warren! Good man!
Roger Bourlet - another exotic sounding Hare, and this one really is - he hails from Devizes.

Sam Keat - The youngest conqueror of Rodbourne.
The Dogs of the Hares -  the four legged members of the team

Fred - the original four legged Hare, Fred is the Paula Radcliffe of the canine members, this dog can run and run, just watch out if you follow him near the start! 
Lucky - the plucky, bouncy, moving trip hazard Jack Russell of the group, this girl can run and run - part cheetah, part Hare, all Jack Russell!
Cody - the friendly neighbourhood black Labrador, at the end of a long run Cody looks like a true Hare - knackered! But boy, can he run! C-U-R-R-Y M-O-N-S-T-E-R!
Jess - this plucky little dog moves through the woods like a small white cloud on legs - wind her up, watch her go! 
Luna - tic
Parna - the new dog on the block, more sniffing needs to be done to suss him out. Rumours are he trains early every day....
Penny - the new girl Labradoodle, Penny has legs as long as her owner Mike Strong!