The Hills

Rodbourne has always been a word of fear and reverence for the Hares. But is it really that bad? While running Gary's hill for the first time yesterday I was chatting with Mike W (well to be honest the chat was after the hill....) and the discussion was... what is the worst hill? I felt Gary was harder than Rodbourne but could not be sure due to my current "less fit" state. With my Garmin and the SportsTracks software I can actually work out which is the hardest....

3 Candidates:
1) Rodbourne
2) The Forest  Trail
3) Gary's Hill

1) Rodbourne:

Climbs 38m in 0.36 miles

2) The Forest Trail (we normally go down it)

29m in 0.2 miles

3) Gary's Hill

Climbs 39m 0.64miles

So what does this mean? Rodbourne is neither the steepest or longest hill. Gary's not quite as steep but is almost twice as long. But which is the hardest? For me I think it's between Gary & The Forest. Gary is longer but the Forest is steeper and we tend to hit it further into a run.