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Rodbourne Routes

The main big runs revolve around the picturesque village of Rodbourne. It may only be 4 miles or so up the road from Benger but it has it's own climate. Back in the winter of 2008/9 it had snow behind the hedges a good week or two after it had all gone from Benger.

For more on the folklore of Rodbourne read here.

The route that'll make a Kingsley quake in his trainers. Named after Simon's "bit on the side" Daisy the Cow and the first Rodbourne route....

It may be one of the shorter Rodbourne Runs at 9.6 miles but the Rodbourne Woody can be a killer. The hills back up through the woods may not have the kick of Rodbourne but after 7 miles they do have the bite...
Gary and the gang!
The Gary, named after Simon's mate Gary, 9 miles of pure Glam.

Gary's Little One. Like Gary but with a little bit chopped off.....8 miles.

The Gary with a little French twist.... Le Petit Gary. 8.2 miles